KOL Children’s Village


During the 2 dacade long insugency in Northern Uganda, the worst affected districts were been Lira, Alebtong and Gulu where the rebels used to camp.   Life-styles in Internaly Displaced Camps made many parents to contract HIV /Aids hence, the greater percentage of orphans today. In Alebtong District alone over 5,000 kids are without proper shelter, good health and educational services. Majority have resulted into early child marriages and dying at early age with maternal complications.

Apart from lack of educational empowerment, informal dialogue with community leaders revealed that more than 3,000 populations are living below 1 dollar a day. The only Government Health Centre IV is even very far from some communities of Omoro, Awei and Amugu sub counties.

Government handouts under OWC has become inadequate to reach every local dweller.  Besides, the prolonged dry spell compounded the high level of vulnerability and as a matter of fact, many children dropped out of school because parents depend on farming to raise school fees for their children.

It’s against this background that we felt touch when we toured the place to evangelize and also to ascertain some facts on the impact of repatriation that government piloted barely three years now. The gaps motivated us to begin looking forward to providing Formal education and psycho-social therapy through establishment of a Children’s Centre.

Children’s Centre

children's village

KOL Children’s Village provides orphaned and abandoned children with long-term care in a family home. Each Child joins the KOL family to be cared for by a KOL mother.  Community known as KOL Children’s Villages   shall each have close ties with the biological relatives of such vulnerable children. We provide healthcare, education services and apprenticeship skills training so that children can grow into healthy and successful adulthood.

Rural Out Reach

A sponsor may support one or more children   from other districts or within Alebtong District our service provision Centre.

Sponsor a Child

Cost of sponsorship

From $100 per month.
How money is spent: 80% of sponsorship goes directly to the Village where the child lives. The remaining 20% is used to help in catering for the administrative costs.

Culture, Faith & Background

Children shall be raised in their own culture and religion. We aim to place children in a family of their own faith, though Villages may be made up of diversity of religions. However, Christ shall be preached to them

Sustainability Plan

  • Establish community schools from Primary, Secondary to Tertiary Technical and Science Institutions whose part of the Money paid by able parents shall help in the running of KOL Programs.
  • Construct a modern Referral Health Facility to help beneficiaries and generate funds for sustainability.
  • Mechanize and modernize farming on the existing 15 hectare piece of Land for crops and Animal Husbandry (More Land to be acquired). Food supply at the orphanage will be made easy because real cultivation will be taking place on the established KOL farm.
  • Build and run a well-stocked Canteen for daily incomes.
  • Initiate, train and facilitate Creative Art groups for overseas mobilization of funds.
  • Systematize and strengthen the Monitoring &Evaluation Department for proper reporting of accountabilities and Transparency for easy lobbying of funds from Donors.