Alebtong District Council, is set to come up with an ordinance that will punish individuals involved in promoting child labor.

George Okello the District Speaker says the high rate of child exploitation in the district has become burdensome and a shame on the district.

He contends that children that should have been going to school   have now resorted to stone quarrying and sand mining while some are digging people’s garden in exchange for money.

He explains that some children are left at large doing village vending but without any profits that can impact their lives in future.


Okello said the authority intends to mount an operation to crack down on people abusing the rights of children.


the Speaker also announced that in their next council meeting, they will regulate consumption of Alcohol saying formal drinking  time may start from 11:00AM -5:00PM  for the community dwellers.

He attributed the high level of poverty in the district to too much drinking of Alcohol where residents have now shunned work and resorted to early drinking.

A recent study by USAID found out that Alebtong was the poorest District in North although its residents ironically were found to be the happiest people compare to folks in other districts.