Our Objectives

  1. To establish and functionalize a modern Child care center to support education and health of the vulnerable  children aged  4-27 years
  2. To provide learning Aid and scholastic materials to the identified vulnerable children in schools.
  3. To train Children’s teachers and caretakers to enhance their capacity to deliver services to the children.
  4. To promote talents and gifts of talented children to live productive lives.
  5. To strengthen families of adopted children to enhance their well fare.
  6. To undertake and build the capacity of families/individuals for economic and sustainable livelihoods.
  7. To support programs that increase access to safe, clean water and basic sanitation for the vulnerable children and their families.
  8. To establish a fully equipped modern health unit to provide basic health services and medical care to the vulnerable children and their care givers.
  9. To carry out advocacy in the key social domains of health and education.
  10. To strengthen collaboration with church institutions, government and development partners to support Vulnerable Children in Alebtong district and the entire country.