Meet the Founders

Charles & Harriet Bogere

Charles and Harriet Bogere

Charles’ Story

A life of disability compounded by experiences of an orphaned state of disillusion and hopelessness kept burdening my heart when I was young to grow and become useful in supporting other orphans.

Having lost both parents in the early 90s when only in Primary Three, I met all kinds of tosses and stigma but God kept leading me to places where I found spiritual nourishment.

I continued with active Church participation and my school Teachers loved me and linked me to available District Bursaries at Lira District local Government.


  • Un balanced Love from the care takers as they have to concentrate and prioritize on their Children.
  • Family Curses and Traditional hypothetical Perspectives that need to be broken.
  • Choice of peers  and Role models  as an orphan
  • Effects of Laziness and blame games from unsuccessful orphans.
  • Conceiving, building, and developing positive attitude towards success.

I must admit that through a strong foundation of a prayerful aspiration, hard work and right choices of friends, I met great men of God who discipled me and emphasized the essence of being relevant to the society and the Kingdom of God. I began my pursuit and went through education training at various levels.

The most recent precious gift for this dream is my Wife Harriet I married in 2014. Harriet was raised by an Aunt after rebels killed her father in 1986 when she was a toddler.

Harriet’s Story

Her material and Moral contributions are eminent with the abundant exceeding love for children as a professional trained Teacher. We are self-motivating and always committed to offering the best of our services where there are needs. Above all, the Lord called both of us to  a praise and worship Ministry  as leaders and Advisors in many youth Clubs; we are always indebted to undoubtedly  innovate and inspire a move that will see us support the many vulnerable  children and Youth who keep following us for advice and connections.

This self-driven passion and a collective ministry of encouragement from our close domestic and international friends finally translated into a reality of the engaged children’s Ministry which later became known as KIDS OF LIGHT -UGANDA.