About us

Kids of Light-Uganda is a child focused, community based organization established in 2017 to support and show compassion to the highly vulnerable children of Uganda. It was birthed following dilemma created by the aftermath of 2 decade long insurgency by headed by Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels in Northern Uganda.

The Repatriation and resettlement of IDPs failed to fundamentally offer core elements of reparation and the resilience from psycho-social traumas, leaving many returnees to almost begin from step one.

This prompted a group of experienced social workers to Team up and come out with an alternative development plan including rights based approach and socio-economic empowerment to be under taken through establishment of a rehabilitation Centre for Psycho Social health and Educational provision for the OVCs in Alebtong District to compliment government.

Our Vision

A Child nurtured and empowered to live, love and serve Communities

Our Mission

To identify vulnerable children, equip them in the word of God, protect and develop their potentials to Live, Love and Serve communities

Our Goal

To provide socio-economic   empowerment and support to the Vulnerable Children for self-reliance.